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About us

Accounts Express Ltd is a profit making organisation with a benevolent mission.

Our Mission is to provide “Express Help When YOU Need It”, by being the finance partner of choice for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in times of need. Accounts Express Ltd achieves its’ benevolent mission by providing a secure income to a group of charities who provide help to those people who need it most and by providing professional services at a price that will pleasantly surprise you and that will support SME’s in delivering a cost reduction or cost containment Strategy.

Accounts Express - Our Values
Integrity, Respect for People, Work life Balance..
We assess each client to see what you want versus what you need... And so by helping in what you Need you may realise what you want...

Accounts Express - Our Team
A team of open minded qualified commercial accountants (ACCA, ICAEW, CIMA) and bookkeepers using industry software who share our values, and commitment to our clients.

Accounts Express - Our Brand
We are a unique business with a registered brand. Our Registered Trade mark No.'s are: 2581796 & 2583449
Company Registration Number 6303437

Accounts Express Ltd - History
Accounts Express Ltd was founded by Vera Swadling FCCA, who after a serious life changing illness was inspired to provide something more than just accounting services...
Ae is an opportunity to be of service... by providing our skills to support businessess and charities that need us most, we work with clients to agreed payment plans and bespoke favourable rates, in return all we ask for is loyalty and recommendation.

2 years on, Accounts Express Ltd, works with clients on a one to one basis, with affordable plans and with a forever present aim, and that is to provide Express Help when you need it... We give a fixed % of Profit to charities and We give our time to businessess at a guaranteed rate that makes a difference, by making our skills affordable during these particularly difficult times.

If you are interested in knowing more about how we came to be, follow link to MD's brief story by clicking here.

If you would like to know more about the charities we support please contact us on

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