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About us - MD's history

In 2009 I started to form the idea of Accounts Express Ltd, whilst enduring a debilitating flare up of pain all over my body which started in the 6th month of pregnancy whilst expecting my third child. During this time whilst the doctors believed it was all linked to my pregnancy , my husband was made redundant, he also suffered from a second seizure and my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's desease. I had a senior role in finance which would not allow me to go back on a part-time basis whilst I recuperated. My family needed me and yet, I couldn't get out of bed unassisted, as my illness would paralyse me over night and I was under constant pain during the day. I was later diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis. During this challenging time, I realised that the only way to get better was to balance my life out, to work for myself whilst I recuperated and still be able to devote time to my family.

This was a time of reflection and I felt that instead of giving my skills and expertise to those who are not in need, I would use my skills to help those to whom it would make a real difference. Although I had partly lost my independence and mobility... I realised that I could be free by simply, working for a greater good as I felt usefull again by helping those who need it most...

So, 2 and half years on, Accounts Express Ltd is a beautiful opportunity, it has supported over 25 businessess when they have needed it most... It's aim is to serve, a charity but not a charity as we do not receive donations instead we charge affordable fees to help our clients during these particular difficult times... In helping each other we help ourselves to live an more balanced life... A more balanced like for me and for all those involved with Accounts Express Ltd.

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