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At Accounts Express you have the choice to select the method of charging that suits you.
One - on a subscription basis
Two - on a 50/50 basis

We tailor our services to the following business structures
Sole Trader *1    |    LTD    |    LLP    |    Charities

One - Subscription basis.

The subscription basis is helpful when wanting to manage your cashflow and have access to a dedicated accountant 24-7 up to 3 Hours per month.
To this we can bolt on additional monthly services at a fixed price to cover things like Quarterly VAT Return computations & filing, Payroll Services & filing, On site visits and so on...

Our Subscription Tariffs for on-line remote services are:

Ae 25    50 Transactions per month      £30.00
Ae 50    100 Transactions per month    £49.50
Ae 75    150 Transactions per month    £69.50
Ae100    200 Transactions per month   £95.00
Ae150    300 Transactions per month   £150.00

We recommend that you consider our subscription basis as it does have some great advantages such as:
*3 hours of dedicated accountant support a month for the first 2 years.

At Ae (Accounts Express Ltd), your loyalty is rewarded the longer you stay with us:
From - Extra Free Transactions a month to Free consultancy time when you need it...

Two - on a 50/50 basis

This is mainly applicable to one-time type services.
Such as Self Assessments, Back log Resolution work, Company Secretarial Services.

• Self Assessments - Standard price is dependant on size and it ranges from £99.00 to £175.00 max.
• Statutory Account Preparation- is dependant on company size and complexity and for entities < £200K it ranges from £125 to £570.

Bespoke Business Consultancy Services

Our Bespoke hourly rate for accountant / management support ranges according to your size.
Small Company & Business Start Ups < £150,000 Turnover    £30/Hr.
Medium Company - Consultancy Services                              £50/Hr

This is there to help you, so that you can bring in the skills you need, when you most need it.
And if you are a Large Company looking for Bespoke expertise - Consultancy Services we would be happy to assist at our special rate of £100/Hr.

Please note: Despite your preferred method of payment, there is a One off Set up fee of £55, which is payable in advance.

If you are interested and want to know more, email us at and we shall send you an information pack or will call you if that suits you best...

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